Manufacturing Capability

Manufacturing Capability

Servatus Ltd is an Australian-owned biopharmaceutical company devoted to creating safe, effective, and reliable microbiome-based therapeutic drugs to treat several chronic and debilitating autoimmune diseases, as well as non-antibiotic treatments for bacterial infections. For more information on this and our clinical trials see: ‘our research’ page.

In addition to our innovative drug research and development, and ongoing clinical trials, Servatus Ltd also owns a state-of-the-art production facility.

Our own production facility means that Servatus are able to oversee all aspects of the research development and production pipeline and ensure that our live biotherapeutic drug candidates (LBPs) are made to our high-standard and specifications, and removes the logistical uncertainty often associated with outsourcing manufacturing.

Completed Stage 1 Facility

Our Facility

Servatus Ltd recently completed construction for stage 1 of our State-of-the-art R&D and cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility.

We have in-house capabilities such as fermenting, concentrating and drying our bacterial strains, all using our proprietary live biotherapeutic (LBP) production methodologies and custom designed automation skids used to seamlessly orchestrate our continuous manufacturing process.

Completed Stage 2 Facility

Our Facilty

Stage two of the facility will ensure we are able to expand our manufacturing as well as our staff assets as the company grows, without continuously relocating.

Why does Servatus want to control all aspects of the LBP drug development pipeline?

Manufacturing is a critical step in LBP development that is often overlooked. Often the focus is directed on the research and initial phases and not enough attention is directed to the physical and logistical aspects of creating and producing a pharmaceutical product en masse. This creates many technological issues and unnecessary delays when scaling-up becomes a requirement. Servatus has circumvented this by securing our own private manufacturing facility, enabling us to test and scale-up production in-house, using our tried and tested automated and continuous manufacturing process and proprietary bioprocessing methods.

Controlling production at our facility and using our specially designed bioprocesses means we have been able to develop not only novel LBP drug variants, but also we have developed our own proprietary media and production systems, including very low temperature spray drying for continuous production of high quality live microbial biotherapeutics.

Our biomanufacturing process

Biomanufacturing process

Bio-manufacturing process using a proprietary closed system: Continuous production controlled by process automation skids using electrostatic spray drying (ESD) at low temperature (drying as low as 30°C) which improves both recovery and production costs.

Our proprietary media has been developed for high viable cell density (>1.0E10 cells/ml) and surpass the high standards of global regulatory compliance.

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