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Welcome to Servatus

Servatus is an Australian biopharmaceutical company developing dual drug platforms, aiming to deliver first-line and adjunct treatments for select autoimmune, gastrointestinal and dermatological conditions.

Live Biotherapeutics (LBPs)

Servatus has isolated and characterised select microbial species and undertaken extensive pre-clinical investigations to develop highly defined medicines that address inflammatory conditions and bacterial infections.

Human clinical trials currently underway are expected to confirm the clinical utility of these medicines, with the aim to advance safe and effective treatments.

A key project is the development of pharmaceutical-grade live biotherapeutics agents derived from micro-organisms predominantly of bacterial origin.

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Safe, Effective Treatments

As current drugs reach their limit in providing long-term efficacy and safety for patients, harnessing new modes of action provides the greatest opportunity to advance medical therapies for the future.

Servatus' research is directed at improving the specific characteristics of select proteins to provide safe, effective treatments for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. Servatus targets key features of the protein to improve its clinical efficacy and to complement existing drug therapies.

Servatus has engineered a modified protein selected on its inherent immune-modulating ability, with anticipated improvements in clinical efficacy and commercial delivery.

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What We Do

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