Nicolas Pichon

Nicolas Pichon — BSc., MSc.

Production Team Manager / Head of Bioprocessing & Production

Nicolas joined Servatus in 2018, as a bioprocess engineer. Nicolas’s background is in bioprocess engineering and Research and Development in the biotechnology industry in both Australia and France.

Previously, Nicolas worked as a Downstream Bioprocess Scientist at Patheon Biologics (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) in Australia. Nicolas is experienced in both fermentation bioprocessing management. He was instrumental in developing an APVMA accredited bacterial laboratory-based and production platform for the development and manufacture of probiotics and enzymes for the feedstock industry.

Nicolas has strong technical knowledge of both the biotechnology industry and the latest bioprocessing technologies.

Nicolas completed a Bioengineering degree at the Sup'Biotech Paris, France in 2012. More recently, Nicolas submitted a PhD in biotechnology at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology within the University of Queensland.