A big year for Servatus Biopharmaceuticals Ltd: End of 2020/2021 Financial Year Review.

1 July 2021

As the end of the 2020/2021 financial year approaches, we have had some time to reflect on the progress our company has made in the last twelve months. Despite all the unprecedented challenges that 2020/2021 had thrown at us including pandemic-induced global scientific equipment shortages and hospital closures postponing our clinical trials! - again due to Covid-19, we at Servatus continued from strength to strength to rapidly progress our drug candidate portfolio. Proof of the great team we have here at Servatus.

Early in the financial year we were granted ethics approval for our Helicobacter pylori and Chronic Functional Constipation studies.  We have successfully completed the first stage of the 2-stage Phase I trial for treating H. pylori infection,meeting our primary outcome measures. We have also recruited 50% of Participants required for our Chronic Functional Constipation Phase I trial that is showing some very promising preliminary results in treating this common condition.

In addition to these two on-going clinical trials, we have also initiated our IND process to the FDA for a Phase Ib clinical trial for treating Ulcerative Colitis which is to be conducted both in the US and here in Australia. We anticipate starting recruitment in Q1 of 2022. We are also concurrently applying for ethics approval to conduct an Insomnia clinical trial and a Rheumatoid Arthritis clinical trial, both designed as Phase I/II that we anticipate to start recruitment in September and November this year, respectively.

So all in all, the 2020/2021 financial year has been a very busy year for Servatus! In addition to all the exciting progress made on our clinical trial and drug development pipelines, we have also welcomed a number of new staff to our team, with our number of permanent employees growing by ~27%. Our latest round of recruitment will see us welcome a new highly experienced Microbiologist, a Quality Assurance Associate, and an additional Clinical Trials Associate member for the Clinical Trials R&D team.

We anticipate the next financial year will be even busier for Servatus, with more growth and progress to our drug development pipelines, as we ramp up into more intensive Phase I and II trials. We also anticipate to further advance the research and development of other potential drug candidates over the coming months to further grow our novel drug platform/portfolio at Servatus Biopharmaceuticals.

For more information on Servatus’ research and clinical pipeline please visit www.servatus.com.au; follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest company and microbiome news.