Queensland Treasurer, Cameron Dick, visits Servatus Biopharmaceuticals

29 April 2021

"The Queensland government is proud to work with Servatus as their success acts as a beacon attracting others to invest, employ and grow in our state” - Queensland treasurer, Cameron Dick, visited Servatus Biopharmaceuticals yesterday.

Today, Servatus Ltd were delighted to host the Treasurer of Queensland, Cameron Dick, for a tour of the Servatus facilities. As Treasurer and a member of the Palaszczuk Government’s leadership team, he is responsible for driving economic growth and job creation across the state. The treasurer began his tour discussing with Dr Wayne Finlayson, CEO and co-founder of Servatus Ltd, the huge development and growth of Servatus Biopharmaceuticals since its humble beginnings in 2012.

Servatus began as an idea between two chief scientists who saw the potential in both human commensal bacterial strains and engineered proteins for disease treatment purposes. Servatus has now grown into its new $10 million dollar facility with 18 highly qualified scientific staff and plans to expand further in the near future. Servatus is a Queensland-based biotechnology company with highly innovative research and development pipelines for new drug discovery, with a range of clinical applications such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation, and dermatitis. Their research focuses on human microbiome exploration and utilising clinically relevant bacterial strains for disease therapy and treatment, as well a second research arm focusing on engineering proteins with known clinical applications to improve their bioavailability and half-life (thus improving their clinical efficacy).

Given that Servatus is a wholly Australian-based company, with all stages of research, development, production and manufacturing kept local, as well as utilising homegrown scientific talent, Servatus represents a major success story for Australian science innovation, biotechnology, and industry in general. The treasurer commented that the “government is proud to work with Servatus as their success acts as a beacon attracting others to invest, employ and grow in our state”. Servatus CEO, Dr Finlayson added: “I would like to thank the Queensland government for all their support over the years, as well as their commitment to supporting the development and growth of new biotechnology industries here in Australia”.

For more information on Servatus and their clinical trials head to www.servatus.com.au, or keep up to date with their latest new development on their Linkedin page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/servatusbiopharmaceuticals) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ServatusLtd).