BIOTECH NEWS: Servatus Ltd joins forces with six international microbiome biopharmaceutical companies to form the Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group (MTIG)

30 March 2021

Servatus Ltd has joined forces with six international microbiome biopharmaceutical heavyweights, forming the Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group (MTIG); a coalition of companies devoted to driving forward the progression of regulatory approved microbiome-based drugs.

The human microbiome has been dubbed the ‘next frontier’ of medical science, as more and more scientific evidence is demonstrating the clear relationship between human commensal bacterial species and immune system/inflammatory signalling regulation. Leaning on the insights of many high-ranking scientists who proclaim that the human microbiome is a new and emerging field in medical drug innovation, the MTIG is an independent coalition of several leading microbiome biotechnology firms, all lending weight to the research and development of FDA-approved microbiome-based therapeutic drugs.

Servatus’ commitment to developing alternative and effective therapies for a number of debilitating, chronic inflammatory ailments will add an Australian voice to the MTIG’s common goal of accelerating microbiome therapeutic development for medicinal purposes. Joining other members Seres Therapeutics, Rebiotix, Siolta Therapeutics, Takeda, Vedanta Biosciences, and fellow Australian biotech Microba, Servatus will add to the collective weight of the forward-thinking group which aims to address unmet clinical needs and improve clinical outcomes.

“Servatus is delighted to join the Microbiome therapeutics Innovation group (MTIG) and add its voice to the pursuit of evidence-based Microbiome therapeutics,” said Dr Wayne Finlayson, Servatus CEO. “Servatus is devoted to creating safe, effective and reliable microbiome based therapeutic drugs to treat a number of chronic and debilitating autoimmune diseases, as well as non-antibiotic treatments for bacterial infections. We are delighted to bring Australian biotech to the world stage and are committed to bringing Australian-drug regulatory standards in line with European and American standards”.

Chairman of MTIG, Dr Ken Blount, said “Servatus is equipped with unique and innovative capabilities that will help to accelerate the coalitions' common goal to advance the regulatory field for emerging microbiome. We welcome Servatus Biopharmaceuticals to the MTIG”.