New Director Appointed

1 February 2017

February 2017 New Director Appointed Michael Vitale joins the board of Servatus Ltd

In February 2017, Servatus expanded the board by appointing Michael Vitale as Non-Executive Director. From an extensive career in both the USA and Australia, Michael brings a lifetime of experience in the commercialisation of science to the company. Michael has a wealth of knowledge in commercialisation, research and teaching.

Michael has previously acted as a non-executive director in both listed and unlisted companies. His experience in the commercialisation of science and life sciences in particular makes Michael an invaluable addition to Servatus. Michael holds citizenships in both Australia and the US.

Together with our Executive Director Wayne Finlayson and Director Wolf Hanisch, Michael further enables the progression of Servatus and the proceeding of pre-clinical work before moving to clinical trials.

Michael holds tertiary qualifications in mathematics from Oakland University in Michigan and Darttmouth College in New Hampshire (PhD, Mathematics), as well as an MBA from Havard Business School in the USA. Throughout his career, Michael has held the position of Professor at a range of leading universities across Australia and the US.

Michael has been the adjunct professor for over two years at the University of Melbourne, where he teaches entrepreneurship to MBA students at the Melbourne Business School and to graduate students in the School of Engineering and the School of Information. He also co-teaches bio-design innovation in a unit jointly set up by the Melbourne Business School and the Melbourne School of Engineering.

Previously he was both professor and director at Monash University with positions at the Monash Asia-Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation (2006 to 2012) and (2008 to 2015) the Faculty of Information Technology. Both of these roles involved a range of responsibilities across research, teaching, commercial and management functions.

Over his career, Michael has contributed to several books and written a large number of professional publications, journal articles, conference papers and case studies.

Michael chaired ASX-listed Medical Therapies Ltd, now Cellmid from 2005 to 2008. The company was involved in the commercialisation of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapeutics and entered clinical trials with its first product in Feb 2008.

The addition of Michael expands the knowledge base and experience of Servatus immensely. Michael shares our vision of commercialising our proprietary technology working in due course with one or more corporate partners in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.